The World is Her Stage - Amie

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The World is Her Stage - Amie

Each month when I sit down to write our blog I am blown away with the amount of amazing women I am surrounded by. This month, we’d like you to meet Amie. If you were to pass Amie on the street in LA, you might think that she was one of those women who have it all and things came easy to. Energy beams from her gorgeous face. You would never know that not too long ago, Amie was battling an eating disorder that almost killed her. She spent a decade struggling with food, self-worth, body image and depression, but with the help of friends and family, entered a rehab center and started her journey of recovery.

Amie took this rebirth of herself and knew that she needed to tell her story to help others. She tells us that “when I was extremely sick and deep in my eating disorder everything seemed hopeless. I thought that recovery meant that my life would be completely out of control and that there was no chance of feeling joy or love again. I was so numb to everything. If I had met a person who had been where I was, had gone through what I was currently experiencing, and had come out of it alive and healthy it would have completely inspired me to take the required steps to get better. I want to be the person that I needed when I was sick.”

What started out as a story about her time in treatment has turned into a brilliant solo play called Lightweight. Her hope with the play is that her story gives optimism to others struggling and to enlighten those who may not know about these struggles. Most importantly, Amie wants to give the world “permission to laugh at the difficult, the uncomfortable, and the unseen.” We at Altruesm think that is an amazing outlook and can’t wait to see what other incredible things she does. To find out more about Amie and her dark humored, entertaining show, go to @lightweight_show.