About Us

Sometimes in life, things happen when we least expect them. Heather, with four kids ranging from toddlers to teenagers, wasn’t really looking to add anything else to her plate. She barely had time to put dinner on it. She and many of the women she knew were struggling. Like her, many were overwhelmed, trying to juggle all the obligations in their lives. They were tired, they were depressed, and they were lonely.

Heather decided to take matters into her own hands. She wanted to do something to help others, to inspire and uplift women, but also wanted to impart some flair and fun into their lives. That’s when the idea of Altruesm was born.

Altruesm is an online boutique filled with unique everyday goods to illuminate your sparkle, all while encouraging and uplifting others. Every purchase results in a donation of a Hope Bag directly to an unknown friend, a sister, a mother, or a woman in need, sending a ray of light into their lives. We at Altruesm partner with a variety of women’s outreach organizations to ensure your gift of Hope falls into the hands of a woman in need. Hope Bags provide a drop of joy and a smile to one of our sisters, when she needs it the most, along with a few everyday comforts. 

Most products are hand-painted in the Philadelphia area by a group of incredible women, from all walks of life. Professionals, stay-at-home moms, survivors, warriors, they are all women like you who decorate our beautiful hand-painted pieces.

All products, either hand-drawn or hand-picked, are chosen to put a smile on your face and help someone in need. It’s that simple.

Our belief at Altruesm is that you can look good and do good at the same time.

With Hope,